Heritage Khorikaa Review

Located in Silphukhuri, this Assamese cuisine restaurant by Chef Atul Lahkar has a very welcoming vibe.

When you enter the restaurant you are welcomed by a very well themed decor, representing the heritage of Assam and Assamese food.

The menu consists of various Assamese delicacies like Tupula Bhat (steamed rice wrapped in kow pat), Kukura mankho Khorikaa (chicken khorikaa), Gahori mankho Khorikaa (pork khorikaa), Kol Patot Dia Kukura Mankho (chicken wrapped in banana leaves) and various other curries and preparations of chicken, fish, mutton, pork, pigeon amd duck.

I would like to through some light on a few items that I thought stood out from the rest.

1) Veg Akhaj (veg thali)

Veg Thali.jpg

The restaurant boasts a 8 item veg thali that include steamed rice, Aloo pitika (mashed potato), botoror pasoli (seasonal mix veg), masur dali (lentil dal), mati mahor dali (black gram dal), boror tenga anja (gram flour nugget in sour curry), xak bhaji (leafy veg) and kheer to sweeten the deal.

2) Kukura mankho tillor (chicken with sesame seeds)

The dish that was the most outstanding was the Kukura mankho tillor (chicken with sesame seeds). It is a chicken preparation with a amazingly delicious grounded black sesame seed curry which is complete with a citrus note.

3) Kukura mankho khorikaa (chicken khorikaa)

Lastly their signature dish kukura mankho khorikaa (chicken khorikaa) is a smoked chicken cooked in wooden skewers. The chicken tasted amazing although I found it to be a little dry for my taste.

My overall experience was great except for the fact that the restaurant had very poor lighting. I myself had a very hard time taking those pictures.